Thursday, 24 October 2019
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Since 1997, Microcorp has been a major influence on information , communication and workplace technologies and services for the built environment, delivering a truly most comprehensive and integrated approach across the client’s organization.

Our primary business focus is providing an end to end Integrated Infrastructure Facilities Management (IIFM) that merges powerful functionality with sophisticated technology to extend facilities management across borders, and optimises process efficiency, accuracy and productivity throughout the lifecycle of facilities and maintenance activities, schedules and contracts, which can significantly improve asset utilization and operational efficiency, resulting in increased shareholder value. We are an associate partner of ARCHIBUS Solution Center-Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (ASC-KL) and provide ARCHIBUS regional client support for ASIA market.

With an intuitively understanding and responses to shifts and changes in the way technologies are used and increasingly integrated ways of client’s needs to support analysis, mobility and accessibilities, Microcorp also provides solution platform for Building Information Modelling (BIM), Data Analytics and Mobile Application.