Transitioning from Building Information Modeling (BIM) to Facilities Management

July 29, 2019

Written by Microcorp Team


From a construction stand point, the need for Building Information Modeling (BIM) is crucial as part of the planning and execution activities. However, towards the end of construction especially in terms of delivering the site to the client, a lot of data and information transition would need to be done. 

So, why is BIM-FM is an important element to have for any clients or building owners?

  • Protecting & preserving the client or business owners from missing data and valuable information critical for the longevity life of the entire infrastructure during the entire years of contract period.
  • BIM model is vital for savings by avoiding non-essential additional spending in Variation Orders (VO) after construction is completed.

Other benefits of having BIM-FM transitioning activities:

  • Centralised data depository system to ensure data integrity
  • Continuity of data especially during transition of handing over
  • 3D model is a highly valuable asset data for both construction and operational stages.

In the event of having a lot of data and information gaps, the risks for the receiving ends includes:

  • Reporting Gaps
  • Time & Cost Overruns
  • Poor or wrong decisions (During Operations)
  • Losing Competitive Edge
  • Failing to Comply with Legal Requirement

BIM-FM is naturally the next step after any construction is done. Previously any FM solution is able to be used but demand in the industry to have more data and information would require more features for the FM solution to cater. 

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