Research and Development (R&D) refers to innovative activities undertaken by Microcorp Sdn. Bhd. where R&D is important for a company to gain knowledge to develop, design, and enhance Microcorp products, services, technologies, business plans, and processes.

R&D allows Microcorp to do market participation where it can attract new customers, win attention, and also increase market share by collaborating with local and international organizations.

R&D is a special group that plays an integral role to promote and improve Microcorp products. While the department usually is separate from business development, software, data, and other divisions. The functions of these areas are related and often require collaboration but it is separate from most operational activities performed by the company.

R&D is the means for Microcorp to achieve future growth and maintain its relevance in the chosen market. It involves spending resources on investigation and testing to develop new products or new ways of doing things. It also supports the enhancement of existing products or processes. 


To become a leader of innovation and research in digital construction and facility management in Malaysia and collaboration with the education sector.


To be a center-of-excellence for advanced research, development, and demonstration of innovative digital construction with sustainability by:

  • Driving the company for innovation in the construction and facility management industry by promoting and utilizing the latest digital technology. 
  • Implementing current and updated methodology in-line with industry best practices for efficiencies and effectiveness to produce quality results. 
  • Build strong relationships with institutions and universities by enabling knowledge creation and technology transfer by engaging in research with government agencies. 
  • Enhancing the collaboration and competitiveness of the institution, university, and companies locally and internationally.  

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